When God first told me I would write I told Him he had the wrong girl; I wasn’t the one, I can’t do it, I won’t do it, and then eventually I said maybe but definitely not now.  God has a funny way of getting you to where he wants you to be.

Months ago God told me to write a blog.  I was so apprehensive because I am not the blogging type. I kept thinking who wants to hear what I have to say and I am not the one who shares about life or even talks much really.  Then He told me again that he wants to me to write.  So, of course, me being me, I asked him all the logistics.  Who was I writing to, what will the name of the blog be, what will my focus be and etc. are a few of the questions I asked.  Matthew 7:7 says if we ask we shall receive.  So God answered my questions.

I was watching something on TV and the person was talking about their experiences and at the end, they said they were thankful for the lesson they learned and how it bruised them but didn’t break them.  It was in that line that God told me the name of this blog, Bruised but not Broken.   I wrestled with that title for a while because I felt broken before God is where we are to be, so I continued to pray about it.  Over time He began to reveal to me what it all meant. Here is what God said:

We are bruised and not broken because God takes the broken pieces and makes us whole again; He mends our broken heart and He heals our wounds. Our bruises and scars remind us of the change that  God made so we won’t go back.  The bruise is a visual reminder of where he brought us from.  After a while, some bruises and scars will go away.  However, some will stay because that wound was so deep that it now serves as our testimony.  We use it to tell of His goodness and grace.

At that moment this blog was birthed.  I am looking forward to having God use me in whatever way He intended to when I was told to write this blog.  I pray that He always gives me the words to say and blesses it so that He may reach the women that needed to be touched.  I was at a women’s conference recently and the last night’s speaker said something that stuck with me.  She said that she was there to bring us and herself a message from God.  That we must always remember that the message a speaker brings is not only for the audience but for them as well.  So with that said, it is my prayer that this blog moves each of you that reads it to go deeper and to be closer to God more than you ever have been before.  But, if it does nothing for you, rest assured the words on this page is helping to strengthen my walk as I obey His call.

May God bless each of you and reveal to you the purpose He has for your lives!
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