The Reset

It’s been a while since I have posted something here. Over one whole year to be exact. 2021 was quite the year. Many of the things I thought I would do, never happened. As I am sure similar situations happened to many of you. Don’t get me wrong, I had many many wins in 2021. To God be the glory for all of them! But feel like I dropped the ball on a few things that I really needed to keep up with. This blog is one of the biggest things that need my attention and never got it. So starting now, I am back! Back to do the things God has called me to do and be because in the grand scheme of things that is where I will rise.

I have come into 2022 with new thinking. 2021 was a year that showed me who I was and who I am called to be. I will have to admit I didn’t like everything I saw that I was. Self-reflection is an interesting process. It pulls out the good, the bad, and the ugly, and when I say it did that for me. I mean it did that for me! The great things about myself I really loved and the others well… I learned to grow from. Some things I learned to grow through. However, all in all, I grew. I am proud of the woman I am becoming. I say becoming because we are all a work in progress. Every day has its ups and downs and we learn and grow and build up ourselves through it all. I put this photo up to start this year because it has the two things I have learned for this new season in life. I need to focus on progress, not perfection and to be bold and go for what God said was for me. We will never have true joy out of life until we are doing what we were called to do. So I am taking up my torch and blazing the trail with confidence that I can and will be the person God has called me to be. I am looking forward to what 2022 has to bring. I hope you are too.

2022 will be the year you will see me more visible than I have been. God has called me to speak and be heard. This year I have started a podcast called The Shower Chronicles. The name is reflective of where I get the inspiration for the topics I will talk about. Right out of my shower. I find that it is in the time that I am naked and uninterrupted when I can hear the voice of the Lord the best. There are no distractions, no facades; just me and God with the tranquil sounds from the shower. I look forward to sharing with you my real-life experiences as I serve King Jesus unapologetically. I want you to understand that following Him is not a religion or a set of rules and regulations. It is an experience, a life-changing experience that will never leave you the same way you came. I will let you know when I launch the first podcast. I also have a YouTube channel in which I will also be leaving messages. I have not narrowed down the frequency for how often there will be something new on each platform but if you go and subscribe to each one including this blog you won’t miss anything. This is a new walk for me. Anyone who knows me personally knows this is by the leading of the Holy Spirit because I DO NOT like to be seen. I prefer to help you, speak a word over you, pray for you, etc. backstage. I am perfectly fine not being seen or heard by anyone in public. However, part of this new season that God has for me, is that I will be heard. I pray and hope that it will all bless you and encourage your hearts as I follow the leading Holy Spirit. Blessings to each of you.

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Daughter of the Most High! His willing servant.

One thought on “The Reset

  1. That has been my problem. Focusing on perfection and not progress. I am going to try and focus on progress more and not perfection. Jesus is the only perfect one,so that kinda takes all of the pressure off of the rest of us,now doesn’t it👍🏼

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