Uproot It

The other day I was walking around outside. As I was walking around the driveway I looked down and I saw this plant growing through the tiles of the driveway. So, I reached down, and I yanked it out. As I yanked it out, I said to myself pull it out by the root. As I said that something jumped in my spirit. It was like I heard God say I’m going to pull it out by the root. At the time I believe he was talking to me about what I was praying about. I often walk around outside and pray and seek God for the things I need.

There are so many times that we are praying and asking God for his help to remove something and we forget to ask him to pull it out by the root. See it was so important that when I pulled out that plant that I got the roots too. If I never pulled out the root too, as soon as it rained a plant would grow right back. How many times have we gone to God and ask him could he remove something, but we never get to the root cause? It is so important you find the root cause. Us not getting to the root is the reason why we cycle through things over and over again.

We serve a God that can do full deliverance. He isn’t just capable of removing what we see but he also removes what is unseen. The roots that go down far deep below the surface. Sometimes those roots are so deep that we are unable to even understand for ourselves how far they go. But our all-knowing God can see all. So, when we ask him to remove it from the root He goes deep down to make sure that he takes out and destroys everything so it can’t grow back again.

Sometimes, the difficult part about him uprooting everything is that some of the roots are stubborn. They have been there for so long. They have grown so big. They go so deep. That makes it hurt when He is pulling them out. Think about when you must chop down a tree that’s growing in your yard and the roots are damaging the foundation of house. You have to start chopping the tree from the top and then work your way down. Then when it gets to a stump the next level of chopping begins because now you must account for digging up roots.

Depending on how big the tree was, the roots underneath the ground could be just as deep. That is what we often face with the situations in our lives. The bigger the situation above ground, the deeper the roots go. It can be a challenge for things to be uprooted and it can be painful. Having to face the reality of the real reason why things are there can really difficult.

However, we serve an amazing and loving Father. He not only does the digging for us but he also holds us while repairing the damage done. When he is finished, we look like new. His repair job is more of a renovation where we come out looking new and unrecognizable to the old self. Much like when you’re doing renovations, it looks worse after you start. However, the finished product, looks amazing.

Let me encourage all of you to ask God to pull things out by the root. Then lean back into the loving arms of your heavenly father as he works on you. So, then you can become the masterpiece He intended you to be. Until next time, be blessed.

Matthew 15:13
But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted.

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Daughter of the Most High! His willing servant.

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