Only God Can

In my time of devotion I been studying the book of Jeremiah. As read and focused on chapter 2 I couldn’t help but hear God’s cry to His people. Throughout the chapter God asked so much. It became an I eye opener for the state of the world today. It made me wonder and think. As I prayed the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see more. To see the grieving heart of the Father. This is not my normal jolly post, but in reality the things of life aren’t always jolly. However, regardless of what happens in life, God is sovereign and good and worthy of all praise, glory and honor. Even in this time He has not left us nor will he forsake us.

The chapter begins with God reminding his children how they had great devotion to him during the time of the desert and when they had no land. Then it quickly goes to God stirring up something in his people asking them why now, when they have been brought out to something good, have they forgotten him. God asked, what faults did they, their ancestors, the people before find in him that they strayed so far from him and his word (Jeremiah 2:5). God said they exchanged their glory for worthless idols (2:11). God went on to say that the people brought it on themselves by forsaking his ways (2:17) and still saying they have not sinned (2:35). He told them they will leave with hands on their heads rejected by those they trusted without getting the help they need (2:36-37).

I cant help but feel a repenting spirit. A need to do some self reflection and ask God to open my eyes and show me where I need to grow. Because that is what this is, a time to grow. God does not harm his children. He is in complete control of the world He created. The enemy may prowl around to steal, kill and destroy, but he is only allowed to do what God lets him do. God allows things as a way to grow his people. I kept hearing the word proofing. So I looked it up. Proofing is a word used in cooking. It is a step in the preparation of yeast bread and other baked goods where the dough is allowed to rest and rise a final time before baking. It is also known as proving. It makes me think about what I will be proving to God about me, my character, who I am in him during this time. What will you be proving to him? During our time of online church on Sunday I was watching a message and that was the tone of the message. Without the church building and the assembling in the house of God, can you and are you still serving him? Did your worship stop because you aren’t in the building to act in front of the people you see? Is your house a house of worship? Does God live there? I guess the proof will be in the bread that rises out of the trial.

Take time to self reflect. That is self care. Practice self care and make sure that if this was the end and Jesus came back today that you go back home. Reflect, repent and restore your relationship with God. Blessing to you all and keep praying and lifting one another up. This to shall pass because God is in control.

Published by S.A. Brown

Daughter of the Most High! His willing servant.

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