Miracles do Happen

I was looking through my phone today and found this picture and it made me smile and remember how amazing God is. I took this photo one day so that it can do exactly what it did, remind me of the things God has done for me. For those who don’t know, this photo is a picture of a Jamaican beef patty. Which is one of my favorite things to grab real quick to eat. This particular patty has an amazing story of God’s mercy.

On this particular day we were real busy and by the time we checked the time we realized we hadn’t eaten and it was almost time to leave for a doctor’s appointment. So we grabbed some patties out of the freezer and decided to put them in the toaster oven so that we can grab them and eat them on the run. I took out 5 patties, one for each of us and put them in the toaster oven. We all went up and got dressed. After getting dressed and helping the kids get ready, I went back downstairs to get the food together. I took out everyone’s patty and gave it to them with their drinks and napkins. Then we all ran out the door in a hurry. It wasn’t until we made it to the doctor’s office, which was an hour away in traffic, that I realized I didn’t have my patty. I had taken care of everyone else and not gotten mine together.

I guess I was on some kind of adrenaline rush trying to make sure my husband wasn’t late for his appointment and I didn’t remember. By the time I made it to the appointment without being late my mind kicked back in that I was supposed to be eating something. Then the next thought kicked in. Oh No! I left the patty in the toaster and it was still turned on. Now I was really freaking out. I had many thoughts of the house being up in flames, the whole kitchen was burned up, etc. All I could think of was, it is going to be an hour ride back to turn it off and the likelihood of there not being a fire was slim. If you can imagine the toaster oven is smaller, packs a lot of heat and sits on the counter. It doesn’t take much to cause a fire.

I thought about calling my in-laws to see if they could go to turn it off but I resolved in my mind that all hope was gone and it better be me to see the house in flames. I had to ask God for forgiveness, because at this point all I did was panic. It never crossed my mind to just pray. I was going with logical thinking and preparing myself for the worst disaster I had ever seen. So I left my husband and our oldest at the doctor’s office and took the long ride back home to confirm what I already knew I would see. This whole time I was focusing on the drive and still never said a word of prayer. When I finally pulled up to the house, I was surprised I did not see the fire department. I did not see smoke coming out the windows. I didn’t see a flame in sight. So being the protective mom I am, I told the other two kids to stay in the car and I was going to run in and come right back out. When I opened the door I expected to smell smoke, see smoke and I was heading straight for the fire extinguisher. To my surprise, there was none of that.

I walked up to the still on toaster and expected to at least see a burned up patty. But I didn’t even see that. The picture that you see above is exactly what I saw. A completely edible and nice and hot patty waiting for me. At that time, I finally realized that I had not even prayed but God answered a prayer. Now I don’t know if my husband prayed, but I know I did not. I turned the toaster oven off and took out the patty. Then God spoke to me. He said I am the God that protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and they did not come out looking or smelling like smoke (See Daniel 3:16-28 to be blessed by the story). He said that is how I protected and kept your house. How much more can I protect you and your family from anything. John 2:11 came to mind. It says, “This miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. And his disciples believed in him” (NLT). Now this wasn’t the first miracle God had done for my family, but it sure was an outstanding one. It took His glory to next level for me.

I don’t know who needed to hear this testimony today. Please know that God is still in the miracle working business. He has not forgotten you and He is working things out for good and He will get the glory. Have faith and you will see. I didn’t even pray and ask for that miracle. In fact I didn’t pray at all. I was too wrapped up in the situation and what I logically knew. I didn’t even equate that my God could change the narrative. However, God saw my heart. He knew deep down I didn’t want to have to deal with the disaster. So He was merciful and spared me. Whatever you have going on, just go to God with a sincere heart and He will have mercy and work it all out for your good. Until next time… Be Blessed!

Published by S.A. Brown

Daughter of the Most High! His willing servant.

2 thoughts on “Miracles do Happen

  1. Wow! What an awesome testimony!🙌🏼 I read Daniel 3:16-28 I also read verses 29 and 30 It blessed me,because I noticed that in verse 30 after they made it out of the fire alive,which was miraculous in and of itself. They got promoted.
    So,that means we may have to go through a fire from time to time,but God will always be there right beside us in those fires,and if pass through those fires/tests with flying colors,God will promote us.

    Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to even higher positions in the province of Babylon.

    Daniel 3:30 NLT

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