By Fire

Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood and the stones and the dust, and it licked up the water that was in the trench. Now when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces; and they said, “The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!” 1 Kings 18:38-39

In my time of reading early this past week, I read 1 Kings 18. This chapter has become one of my favorites. In Chapter 17 of 1 Kings, Elijah the prophet had just declared that there will be no rain in the land for three years. Chapter 18 starts out three years later after the declaration. In this chapter, Elijah shows back up in front of King Ahab to show him and all of Israel who the true God is. King Ahab and the Israelites had forgotten who God was and turned away from Him. King Ahab had married Jezebel who in turn killed all the prophets of God, all but Elijah. So God called all the false prophets, king Ahab and all of Israel up to Mt. Carmel to show them who has the power. God told them to make two alters to sacrifice a bull to their false gods and to God Almighty himself. Elijah let them go first. The plan was that the true God would set the sacrifice on fire. So they prepared the sacrifice and prayed to Baal. They prayed and prayed and prayed but nothing happened. Then it was Elijah’s turn to prepare the sacrifice. He watered down the bull, the alter and everything around and prayed to God. Elijah prayed once and God sent His mighty fire and it burned up the sacrifice and everything in sight, including the excess water in the trenches. Now, this is my cliff notes version of the story. I encourage you to go and read 1 Kings chapters 16 through 18 to get the full story and be blessed by every single detail because this is truly a powerful story. It is in this story that we find that God is the God that answers by fire.

This encouraged me so much. It was like God was reminding me that even when things looked down and out. The situation is drenched with trouble and roadblocks. He can still make a way because He is the God that answers by fire. What things are you going through that seems like it can never turn around? Maybe it feels like your situation is way too far under water to recover. Maybe you feel like you have been calling and calling and there has been no answer. Let me just encourage you today that He is the God that answers by fire. Say that to yourself a few times. BY FIRE! I don’t know if 1 Kings 18:38 encourages you like it does me, but look at it. God burned up the sacrifice, the alter, the stones and lapped up every sign of liquid; leaving not even dust and ashes. He left nothing. Everything gone without a trace. I hear God saying your situation will leave and be gone without a trace. He is going to answer BY FIRE! That stubborn thing will leave and there will be no trace left. God does not lose. He ALWAYS wins and NOTHING is impossible for Him. You only need to believe.

Be encouraged and don’t lose heart because The God sees you and His fire is coming. Until next time, be blessed!

Published by S.A. Brown

Daughter of the Most High! His willing servant.

2 thoughts on “By Fire

  1. This is a really powerful story of the power of prayer and how God answers our prayers. I noticed that when Elijah prayed for God to consume the sacrifice that God answered him immediately. But,when Elijah prayed for God to send rain,God did not answer him immediately. So,Elijah kept praying until God answered him. ( Granted, it looks like God answered him the same day ) But,my point is that we should keep praying until God answers us with either a No,Yes, or Wait. We need to be persisent in prayer like the persisent widow in Luke 18 who kept going before the judge until he answered her request. Galatians 6:9 also comes to mind. God always has our best interest at heart and also our spiritual growth,sometimes God doesn’t answer us right away to either grow our faith or to grow us spiritually or both. So,no matter what ,keep praying and God will answer you in His perfect time.

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    1. That is such a great point. Certainly on we need to pay attention to. We will not always get an immediate answer to the things we pray. Thanks for your insight.



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